Fees and Insurance

At Lisa Hayden Psychology Services fees and billing practices reflect those recommended by the Association of Psychologists of Nova Scotia (APNS).

Fees are due on the date of service.  Payment options include Cash, Cheque, or Electronic Email Transfer.  We do not direct bill insurance companies.  Nova Scotia's Medical Services Insurance (MSI) does not cover the services of psychologists in private practice. However, psychological fees may be covered through private health insurance plans, such as Great West Life, Medavie Blue Cross, Manulife, Sunlife, etc. We recommend that you contact your insurance provider before booking an appointment to find out exactly what services are covered and whether you require a physician referral for services.

Upon receipt of payment, an invoice is provided for a client’s personal records.  A portion of the appointment fees may be eligible for reimbursement through a client’s supplemental health insurance provider.  Clients maintain responsibility for completing and forwarding their insurance forms. Fees not covered by health plans can be claimed as an income tax deduction for health care expenses.

Psychological Assessments vary in complexity depending upon the unique characteristics of each child.  Some of the factors that affect the assessment include: age, attention span, and the nature of the referral concern.

An assessment typically involves the following: Treatment and Consultation Services

1-3 Units  Semi-Structured Parent Interview and Developmental History Intake
1-3 Units  Semi-Structured Teacher and/or Collateral Interviews, as required
4-6 Units  Standardized testing and/or direct observation (sometimes in natural settings such as daycare, school, or home)
1-2 Units  Scoring and profile interpretation
1-2 Units  Interpretive Interview in which assessment results are reviewed with a child’s parents/guardians and recommendations are discussed (sometimes, parents also opt for a second meeting to be held with school staff).
3-4 Units  A detailed written report (usually 5-10 pages in length) is developed summarizing the assessment findings and outlining specific recommendations.  Copies (with your consent) can also be shared with relevant professionals (for example, Physicians, Principal, Preschool Director) involved in your child’s care.
10-12 Units  Toddler/preschool-aged child
10-14 Units  School-aged child
18-40 Units  Child Needs Assessments
  Cost per unit: $175
  Please contact us regarding group therapy and therapeutic preschool fees as these vary depending upon intervention and staffing.

Individual therapy typically involves the following:

1-1.5 Units  Initial consultation with parents or guardians
6-25 Units  Depending upon age and referral question
  Cost per unit: $170 per 50 minute hour
  Please contact us regarding group therapy and therapeutic preschool fees as these vary depending upon intervention and staffing.